Consulting firm specialized in the legal profession

LEGALTEAM Solutions is a consulting firm focused on the business of the legal profession. Our clients are in-house legal departments and lawyers in private practice. We have two activities :

These activities are complementary: our in-depth understanding of how legal departments and law firms function facilitates the recruitment of candidates who are perfectly suited to the requirements of the job; conversely, regular contacts with candidates provide an understanding of their professional aspirations, which allows us to better advise our clients.

The two partners of LEGALTEAM Solutions, Philippe Melot and Sharon Golec, have extensive experience as practicing lawyers, both in law firms and as in-house counsel. They possess in-depth understanding of the business of law, as practiced by their clients.

Completely bilingual and bicultural (Sharon Golec is American and Philippe Melot is French), they follow legal market trends and developments in the U.S., in Great Britain and throughout Europe, and work in both English and French.