Consulting for in-house legal departments

First and foremost, in-house lawyers must possess a high level of legal expertise. However, management issues are omnipresent in the corporate world. The in-house lawyer must therefore be a manager of teams and projects.

His success depends on his ability to understand the company's strategy, to dialogue with management and with business people, to propose solutions and convince others to adopt them... in short, to speak the language of business.

That is why LEGALTEAM Solutions offers its clients, in-house legal departments of all sizes, solutions aimed at improving lawyers' management skills. We make pragmatic, concrete recommendations, based on our in-depth knowledge of how legal departments function. We often work in an international context, taking into account the different cultural frameworks within which lawyers and their in-house clients operate.

Examples of missions

  • Organizational consulting
    • Audit of the organization
    • Proposals to improve structure and processes
  • Optimizing individual performance
    • Recruitment interview methodology
    • Methodology and tools for measuring individual performance
    • Individual coaching
  • Optimizing collective performance
    • Internal client satisfaction surveys
    • Methodology for implementing law firm panels
    • Conception of management workshops
    • Conception of dashboards (key performance indicators)
    • Conception of and presentations at law department seminars
    • Team coaching