Consulting for law firms

Law firms are confronted with a double challenge: to offer ever more specialized expertise in an increasingly competitive environment. How can firms develop a competitive advantage? Management can make the difference:

  • management of associates, to motivate and retain them ;
  • management of the partnership, to reinforce it ;
  • management of the client relationship, to strengthen and develop it.

However, under constant pressure to maintain both billing levels and expertise, many lawyers have neither the time nor the inclination to focus on management.

LEGALTEAM Solutions analyzes each situation and proposes solutions to improve the performance of individual lawyers and their teams.

Examples of missions

  • Business development and marketing
    • Analysis of development strategy
    • Methodology for responding to calls for bids
    • Client satisfaction surveys
    • Study of the competition and firm positioning
  • Managing teams
    • Conception of and presentations at seminars for partners and associates
    • Professional coaching for individuals or groups